Most expensive tattoos in the world

South African Shimansky brand model Minki van der Westhuizen sure must feel like a princess though she quite doesn’t look like one without the world’s most expensive diamond “tattoo”. The tattoo is not what you might conventionally think is the art of inking, but is a laborious process of encrusting 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds on her skin using a water based adhesive.

This tattoo is made up of 612 shimmering, shinning and perfectly cut diamonds from the big Shimansky brand of the South Africa. The entire cost of the tattoo is merely because of these diamonds which are just 5 carats in weight! Aren’t they really expensive? I mean, people can purchase a necklace or other jewelry instead of this with high carats indeed! But again everything depends upon mania here.

The idea was to use the opportunity to market Shimansky jewels to a really high-end audience. The tattoo costs 924,000 US dollars and they reveal one could get one of these tattoos at any of their eight South African or four international locations.

It just might be the way a Russian billionaire might want his bride, when he undresses her on their conjugal night. Or perhaps, a someone into adult entertainment might be influenced by the diamond encrusted tattoo, and use fake shiny materials instead to dazzle an audience whose hands would be deep within their trouser, if at all they are wearing them. Fake diamonds or the real one, in the end it is the skin that is beneath the “tattoo” that matters.

While money shouldn’t be an object when it comes to tattoos, you might consider the painstaking eight hours to get one “encrusted.” So, for those who are up for all the pain and moolah can get one across the eight local and four international Shimansky stores.

This tattoo was really very hard to fix as it was not embossed on the body off course, rather it was pasted with water glue or anything likely and is made up with the hard work of consecutive eight hours. Most probably this lady is very lucky to have such a world record breaker tattoo on her body that gathers the attention of many tattoo lovers.