Top 10 Auction Sites

Internet is the solution to everything. What cannot be done through internet? Buyers and sellers can meet over the internet and carry out their works. This online form of commerce has gained a lot of popularity because it removes the difficulties related to space, time, money and geographical boundaries. Through online auction one can target a huge amount of consumers. Now market doesn’t mean only geographical market where buyer actually meets seller personally, but electronic form of market has also come into existence where people can do commerce with ease. Here is a list of top 10 auction sites which will help you buy or sell products-

  • eBay –
    Founded in the year 1995, eBay is one of the largest and popular online auction sites that sells a wide variety of products and caters to the need of many sellers and buyers. Auction selling and buying in eBay is safe and fun. Though the listing of your product for selling requires a lot of steps to be completed but it has a lot of features like blocking bidders, private auctions and customising your list which makes it very popular among sellers. Bidding is very easy for the buyers; you can also bid from your mobile phone.
  • WebStore-
    The best thing about this online auction site is that it’s free for sellers and buyers. No matter if you are not a proper store owner, you can post a free ad. This site is supported by the advertisers and is very helpful in selling your used items that you don’t want anymore and even new items. Buyers can also easily find whatever they are looking for at this site. As this site is ad supported, you may have to handle with few ads.
  • eBid-
    This online auction site has very low selling fees to be paid.  You can list things for free and the number of features and tools it provides to sellers, makes it as best as eBay. The sellers can sell similar products together and the buyers can bid on the numbers of products they want to buy. The buyers can search for what they are looking for by typing the name in search option or they can also place a notice and sellers contact them according to the specifications they put in the notice.
  • OnlineAuction-
    This site has a simple layout and not very complicated features and tools for users. There is no fee for basic membership. It has a large amount of buyers and sellers but not as compared to the above mentioned sites. The sellers can block the bidders who they don’t trust. The feedback giving feature in this site is very useful. Here sellers can reply to feedbacks they have got.
  • OZtion-
    Buyers get free membership and sellers can list their products for free in this site. Sellers have to pay the final value of their auctioned product at the time of sale. The site is primarily for Australian people. It is the second largest online auction site in Australia. The sellers provide good stuff in not an exorbitant price.
  • Overstock-
    One of the decent online auction site where buyers can search for what they are looking for and get them at a good price. But all the features which other sites provide are not available to the sellers. The sellers can list their goods but they do not option for Dutch auction where seller can put similar products under one head plus there is no option for private auction. It is a reliable site where you can get feedback for every seller.
  • WeBidz-
    This online auction site has the broadest search feature. It is free to list your stuff and sell them. The only time you have to pay is if you want to become a verified member. You can become a member for free. It is a very reliable site for auction and also very straightforward and simple site; easy to use. The best thing about this site is that it makes searching for stuff very easy with its huge search categories.
  • CQout-
  • The quirky name of this site is actually pronounced as ‘seek you out’. A decent site for auctioning your stuff which   is free at the time of listing, only you have to pay the final value charge at the time your product gets sold. Its sales management tool makes selling simple and easy. The buyers get an option ‘wanted’ where they can write about the things that they want or the things which is hard to find. Here the sellers will bid on how low they will give their goods for. It is an interesting and useful concept.
  • uBid-
    The most reliable auction site because the sellers are professionals who can actually in the business of manufacturing and distribution. This site is mostly for such sellers, the goods sold out here are new inventory items from uBid warehouse or from professional sellers. This is the unique thing about this site. Buyers don’t get any faulty stuff in here. But sellers may not get a good deal.
  • ePier-
    This auction site is expensive than other online auction sites and have less good features than other auction sites. It is good auction site but has few drawbacks. People have faced problems in refund and exchange issues but quite good and helpful than other millions of useless auction sites.