Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Men

Who says it’s tough to impress a women. Men are also very choosy and love surprises. When you are planning to give your man a Christmas present, make sure that whatever you gift he can actually use it. Boys are not interested in candles stands and other decorative. Plus, they love seeing your efforts. Go creative when it comes to give a gift to men. Give some thought, consider his interests and hobbies and decide his gift. Here is a list which can help you in deciding the gift-

1.       Sports/concert tickets-
Men are mad for football/ cricket or any sports. Plus they love going to a live concert especially rock band concerts and all. This is one of the perfect gifts you can give to men of any age group. Every men love sports and getting a sports ticket for men is the similar feeling as a woman getting shopping vouchers.
2.       Booze-
If your man loves to drink, what else can make him happy than bottles of whisky or beer or champagne. Most of the men in the world drink and gifting them a bottle of his favourite drink can add more fun to his Christmas party.
3.       MP3 player/IPod-
Men love to listen to their favourite tunes, which can be when they are working, sitting idle, driving or also when they are in the washroom. Playing music in computer is not possible all the time. So why not gifting them an Mp3 player, so that they can play their collection of songs whenever they feel like listening to it.
4.       Blazer-
A classic blazer is another idea which can help your man make him wardrobe a versatile one. A classic blazer can be worn on top of a shirt or a T-shirt. It looks equally smart on both of it. He will be able to wear it in any occasion. Leather one will be more perfect.
5.       Gadgets-
Gadgets never disappoint men. They love and are very fond of gadgets. A man not loving gadgets is a complete noob.  A new mobile phone will bring a charm on his face. Try giving the new releases in the market and an upgraded one. Believe me, he will be the happiest man in the world.
6.       Cologne-
Not only girls, men also want to smell good. Nice cologne will be very much appreciated by your partner as a Christmas gift. Cologne is a never fading gift for man. It’s your first Christmas together or fiftieth, colognes always keep alive the magic between you two.
7.       DVDs-
Most of the boys like hogging on a couch and watching their favourite movies. A collection of favourite DVDs will help him pass him idle times.
8.       Boxers and shorts-
Men like to be in their boxers when they are at home relaxing.  They like to be free and comfortable at home. So gifting them a pair of shorts or boxers can make them feel happy.
9.       Leather goods-
Men love wearing and carrying leather goods. No men can say no to leather shoes, leather coats, wallet, belt etc. Also you can give him leather bags to carry to his office. It looks smart and absolute classy.
10.   Video games-
Men love playing video games. What can make a man happy than a video game. FIFA, counter strike, NFS, these are some of the mostly like ones. You can also bring him a play station; your man will just love it.