Top 10 Colognes for Men

Aroma, Fragrance these words are very special in ones life. It reflects how fresh and healthy we are in life. So choosing Colognes is difficult as we have to incorporate it with mood, personality and occasion.

 Acqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani:

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Pour Homme (1996) is a perfect mixture between sensuality and masculinity; it is pleasant for almost any nose, and manages to stay fresh and fashionable year after year. Thus, it remains on the #1 spot in the sellers list.

The top note, the one that makes first impression, is flowery (jasmine is the most notable one). Shortly afterwards, a pleasant tingling scent of marine hits your nose, and in the long run ONE can spot both white musk and cedar. The overall result is aquatic, woody and aromatic – sort of an improvement of Issey Miyake’s “aquatic”.

Davidoff Hot Water:

Davidoff’s Hot water is the antithesis of Davidoff’s popular Cool Water scent (which is also great by itself and feature on this list). It is a fresh, hip, spicy scent that has been created only recently (2009), and it is renowned as one of the world’s greatest inexpensive perfumes. Hot water is a perfect choice for a night out, with the lady, or in an attempt to find one. It is well liked by many women, even though the popular reaction from man to this fragrance is mixed.

Ungaro iii:

Ungaro iii (1993) is a truly superb fragrance. It is cheaper than any top-notch fragrance I have ever tested, and yet it has one of the most intoxicating scents. It’s a masculine, bold (somewhat dark, but in a sexy kind of way) perfume that lasts for hours and hours (it took between 8 and 9 hours until its effect has worn off).

Obsession by Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein’s Obsession for men is still today one of the most of the most sought after perfume, by both men and women. It has remained popular and relevant from its establishment date in 1986, up until this very moment. CK Obsession for men offers a pleasing smell, as an old-timer classic should. The warm and fruity sensation will overpower the any negative feelings you might have been carrying with you. This truly is a rejuvenating aroma that sheds light on your appearance and mood.

PACO RABANNE – One Million:

Paco Rabanne is doing massive advertising for One Million. With interesting top notes (the ones I notice first) of Grapefruit and mint, middle notes of rose and base notes of amber, white woods and Patchouli, this result is nose-pleasing and long-lasting.

Davidoff Cool Water:

This 1998 fragrance was among the first one to spring up with an aquatic and captivating aroma, which many tried to follow. It consists of: Lavender, Coriander, Peppermint, Geranium, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood and Cedar. Very usual ingredients that compose an unusual whiff.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver:

Derived from the perennial cuscus grass, comes one of the most intriguing colognes of the year. Blended with grapefruit citrus, pimento, moss, nutmeg and vetiver, it is the perfect office wear cologne. The moment you spray the perfume, it starts as a citrus scent and then as the day progresses, it will start emanating the smell of nutmeg and moss. The subtle smell will sooth you in times of trouble, and get you smelling fresh & clean.

Vintage Black – Kenneth Cole:

Strong- Assimilated with pink grapefruit, lime, dewy greens, hints of white pepper, tequila, lavender and oak with sandalwood, this cologne is a powerful one that can trigger the nostrils of anyone. If I had to describe it in one word, it would have to be Enchanting.

Ferrari Black by Ferrari:

This little fragrance has a very light smell. And so if one is of those who prefers cool scent then this is the best fragrance for men. The smell is slightly woody and may also be mossy and fruity as well. The best cologne to wear at work as the smell is too light for anyone to find it offensive. This cologne is available as aftershave.

Le Male – Jean Paul Gaultier:

If anyone wants to indulge himself in the forbidden and dress up with virility then Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Le Male’ is the perfect choice for him. Wearing this cologne will reflect the idea that nothing in this world is completely black or white but a blend of both. The scent bottled in a sailor’s T-shirt shape, Jean Paul Haultier has transformed the symbol of men identifying their musculity.