Top 10 Craziest Bikinis

Bikini is a beach wear that women love to wear when they are swimming. It is mainly comprises of two pieces where one part covers the breasts and other part covers the crotch and part of the buttocks. Fashion industry is always enthusiastic about the bikinis and thus today we share with you some of the craziest and weird bikinis that have been made up till now:

1. Most Expensive Bikini in the World: This bikini is designed by Susan Rosen. This bikini is expected to be around 30 million dollars. It is studded with diamonds all around without any trace of fabric on it. There are about 150 D-Flawless diamonds that have been comprised in this art work.

2. Bacon Bikini: The combination of bikini with bacon is surely gonna be admired by your men.

3. Dissolvable Bikini: This weird bikini gets dissolved in the water. So after sometime the girl will be naked and humiliated. The material of the bikini is such that it fades away in water.

4. Bukini (Burqa Bikini): This bikini is designed keeping in mind the Islamic values and is aimed at enhancing the life style of Muslim women.

5. LED Bikini: This remarkable piece of art can be utilized in water to find out directions as it is waterproof.

6. Solar Bikini:  This is another unique bikini based on the concept called as Solar Clothing. This would help you look sexy and keep you cool on the beach. The bikini is made up of photovoltaic panels and even has a USB connection to connect devices that can be charged!

7. Lettuce Bikini: This bikini is designed by PETA in order to promote vegetarianism. Anyone can make this bikini at his home by following the step by step instructions on the website of PETA.

8. Bikinis made from Eyelet Trim: This bikini is for those females who love the crystals. The bikini is designed in Italy and is priced at $625.

9. Pacman Bikini: This can be an ultimate gift for the retro gaming addict girlfriend. The best part of this bikini is the spirit trashing at the bottom.

10. UV Bikini: Heading out to some hot place then it can be a really good idea to order one of these cool bikinis that has an in built UV meter. The UV meter will display the UV intensity on the scale of 0 to 20. The bikini is priced at $170.