World’s Most Expensive Refrigerators

Putting together a decent kitchen can be pretty expensive. Putting together an exceptional kitchen, however, will cost you more than just an arm and a leg. Check out the most expensive refrigerators in the world and see for yourself.

Northland 72″ side-by-side custom refrigerator

Northland, a 100-year-old provider of custom refrigerators, has really outdone itself with this side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. It has a glass door and stainless steel wrap, features “daylight” interior lighting and easily cleaned glass shelves. The spacious fridge has a total capacity of 48.3 cubic feet.

The Eye-Catchers

$10, 000

European appliance maker Gorenje has unveiled one of the most expensive fridge in the world designed for those to whom money is no object. The £10,000 fridge-freezers, named “The Eye-Catchers”, of which there are 10 available, are studded with 7000 Swarovski crystals, to make the black surface glitter and sparkle like a starry night. A second commercial line of these fridges has also been developed, but them only features 3500 crystals in two rows down the front. Costing around £1400, the black and silver models are 200cm high, and feature touch-screen controls that not only monitor what’s going on inside the fridge, but also control the built-in radio, recipe book, and voice memo recorder and player.

Sub-Zero PRO 48


This refrigerator is the latest and greatest, it would have to be at a hefty price of almost $14,000 for a refrigerator.  Sub-Zero’s PRO 48 is a 48″ side-by-side made with 100% sculpted steel, and features dual refrigeration—meaning the refrigerator and freezer use separate sets of compressors and evaporators, unlike standard refrigerators. The compressors are each controlled by microprocessors to ensure the proper temperatures. The refrigerator even features auto-closing doors with an improved hing system that keeps the warmth from creeping in. The refrigerator can be purchased with either a solid steel face or a glass window.