10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever Made

Wedding gowns are truly beautiful sights to behold, and some designers have the talent and vision to create dresses that only a very few brides will be fortunate enough to wear. These gowns are highly priced, exquisitely made, and admired by many. Here are ten of the greatest wedding dresses ever, some worn by celebrities and some so extravagant that they are for display only

1. Princess Diana wedding dress

The most widely preferred wedding dress is the one worn by Princess Diana in the year 1981 when she got married. The wedding dress of Princess Diana was actually created and designed by Elizabeth Emanuel and David Emanuel. The wedding dress of Princess Diana was designed with 25 feet train, ivory silk taffetas, beautifully crafted laces and more than ten thousands sequins and pearls are used to prepare the wedding dress. Moreover, gold thread is used to lace the train and silk. Still the label of this wedding dress is concealed and it is one of the most beautiful and expensive wedding dresses of the world.

2. The Diamond Wedding Gown: $12 mill.

The world’s most expensive wedding dress goes to Renee Strauss and Martin Katz. The collaboration between these two, a wedding salon owner and jewels dealer respectively, resulted in a dress sporting 150 carats of diamonds.

3. Grace Kelly wedding dress

One of the most memorable weddings in the history was the wedding of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. 1956 was the year when they got married and their wedding dress was the popular witness of their marriage. The wedding gown of Grace Kelly was designed by Helen Rose. To design the wedding dress Helen used about 25 yards long of taffeta and more than 100 yards of silk. The wedding gown was designed with one fitted bodice and round colla

4. Melania Knauss,

Melania Knauss married billionaire Donald Trump in 2005 in a gorgeous John Galliano gown. It possesses a 13 foot train and is made of 300 feet of white duchesse satin. Featured on the dress are 1500 pearls and crystal rhinestones. Melania had to be in shape to wear this heavy gown,which itself weighed 50 pounds alone! The price is still unknown!

5.Yumi Katsura wedding gown

The wedding dress of Yumi Katsura was designed by using 8.8 karat diamond, more than thousand pearls and 5 karat pure white diamond. The designer of this wedding dress utilized pure satin and pure silk as the basic fabric of the dress. To stitch the wedding dress the designer used Zari, it is a kind of thread made out of gold and silver. This wedding gown can be purchased by investing 8, 000,000 US dollars

6.  Imperial Pearl Syndicate

In the early 1950s, the Imperial Pearl Syndicate debuted a $100,000 wedding gown made with 100,000 cultured pearls over a silk net and satin gown. The 27-pound dress was the most expensive of its time and was modeled by celebrities such as Gloria Swanson and Nina Foch.

7. Victoria Beckham

Vera Wang created the beautiful wedding frock worn by Victoria Beckham at her 1999wedding to soccer star David Beckham. The cost of this wedding gown is unknown, but its beauty is easily apparent. The dress is strapless and made of champagne-colored satin.Since the Beckham wedding, there have been many less-expensive “knock-offs” of this particular dress sold to brides around the world.

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding dress

When Catherine Zeta Jones got married with Michael Douglas in the year 2000 she worn a Christian Lacroix wedding dress on her wedding ceremony and the price of that wedding dress was 1.5 million US dollars. This wedding gown was designed with about 6 feet long train and superior quality silk thread was used to stitch this wedding gown. Moreover, costly diamonds are also used in the gown

9. Mauro Adami

Italian designer Mauro Adami designed this wedding gown as part of the Domo Adamicollection in 2008. This luxurious wedding dress is made of 40 meters of platinum-colored fabric. It was sewn with platinum and silk thread, and valued at $380,000 USD (or, to put it into perspective, about 10 times what the normal American bride might spend on her dress)

10. Glittery Gown wedding dress

This impressive attention grabbing wedding gown weighing about 40 lbs is beautifully embroidered with variety of wedding jewels that amounts to around ten thousand. However, as diamonds are rarely used as jewels in this gown thereby, it is sold just for US$130,000.