Five Of Most Expensive Steaks And Foods

When you want to expand your culinary instincts, you should consider making or eating the most expensive steaks, and foods in general. The possibility of making some of the most expensive steaks and foods is ruled out. This is because their recipes may be kept as a trade secret. Yet, you can eat them for a change. And experience what if feels like buying and eating food that’s worth its weight in gold (literally).

The following are some expensive foods that will also get you craving for more.

Matsutake Mushrooms

At one thousand dollars pounds per pound, the Matsuke Mushrooms are foods that easily classify as one the most expensive. The production of these mushrooms is rare. Primarily produced in Japan, the price of the mushroom is directly proportional to its availability. Given that it is produced in fewer quantities, chances are that each pound of Matsutake mushroom costs somewhere around one thousand dollars.

When Bagel’s cross the one thousand dollar mark

It’s not an uncommon thing to find the most expensive steaks and meat foods. But what about bagels? In New York’s Westin Hotel, a Bagel dish costs over one thousand dollars. It is specially made in limited quantities by an executive chef. The taste is replescendent with the qualities of cream cheese, and exotic varieties of cherry.

At least, some of the expense in this Bagel dish is justified, given that the topping of truffles are generally expensive. They are the second most expensive popular food. The first being caviar.

The Zillion Dollar Frittata

The Zillion Dollar Frittata is only a thousand dollars, but worth of course –a zillion dollars. Made of eggs, lobster, and sevruga caviar, the Frittata is actually an expensive omelet. You can dare to try this if you believe in indulgence with a risk. What better way to splurge money than to taste an exotic dish made with exotic caviar?

Wagyu Steak

This is one of the most expensive steaks made from Wagyu cattle. The cattle is primarily raised in Japan, but is also reared in other parts of the world too. The saying goes that the cattle are fed a lot of beer for their beef to have a distinctive quality. Considering that to be one of the most expensive steaks, cattle breeders may resort to such strategies to create a distinct flavor in the beef is not a surprise.

Now who can eat this? If you are looking for a healthy meal, then this steak is not for you. Loaded with fat, this is one of the most expensive steaks that is also expensive on fat. But if it’s a onetime thing, then go ahead.

Samundari Khazana

Curry is a quintessential delight. It is also the favorite dish of the Indian subcontinent. The collective soul of curry has transgressed into the western culinary world. And to establish that fact is the three thousand dollar Samundari Khazana.

You will get to taste a lot of expensive items in this food – Devon crab, Beluga caviar, truffles, and gold leaf dressing. You also find a well-decorated lobster. Incidentally, the lobster is specially flown-in from Scotland. Apart from this, there are quail eggs and lots of caviar filled items.

It’s always a pleasure to be free-spirited at times. Even though money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you special moments. Indulging in the most expensive steaks, foods, desserts, and ice creams is one such activity.