Five Of The Most Expensive Ice Creams And Desserts

Did you ever think that ice creams would be exorbitantly expensive? Then you’d be even more surprised to know that the most expensive ice creams can cost you upwards of one thousand dollars! Phew! Now if that’s melting you, we’re obliged to provide you more information on some of the most expensive ice creams around.

Golden Opulence Sundae

How about an opulent treat for someone special? A surprise that will make that special person have dollars in their eyes? Then you should take that person to a royal treat and buy a Golden Opulence Sundae – easily one of the most expensive ice creams around.

For about one thousand dollars, you buy the privilege to taste the most expensive ice cream. The ice cream has an out of the world taste, courtesy the exotic ingredients and style of preparation. If you feel you have the money to experience all the expensive things, then tasting this ice cream should be on top of your list.

What’s special about Golden Opulence Sundae

The ice cream is based on Tahitian Vanilla Bean. The vanilla used in the ice cream is specially brought from Madagascar. Have you tasted gold? If no, you should definitely taste the opulence of gold made in the form of 23 carat edible gold leaf.

The chocolate used in Golden Opulence Sundae is super-expensive. There are various types of exotic fruits used in the ice cream. And to top it off, one of the most expensive ice creams has truffles that complete the ice cream treat.

Diamond Fruitcake

Christmas time beckons the best qualities in us. It’s time to get-together, celebrate, wine and dine. It’s also the time to spend lavishly on gifts and treats. One such idea is to spend money to buy some of the most expensive ice creams in the world, such as the Diamond Fruitcake.

Costing a cool $ 1.65 million, this is one super-expensive ice cream cake. When you bite into it, you are biting into something worth thousands of dollars!

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

This is one heck of a drink that you won’t fail to remember in a long time. Priced at around twenty five thousand dollars, the frozen drink is chocolaty given the varieties of cocoas as part of its ingredients. More than fourteen varieties of cocoas are used in this chocolate drink. And all these cocoas are picked from different countries.

There’s more to this chocolate slush than what meets the eye. In it is a sprinkling of 24 carat gold. Every Frrrozen Haute Chocolate has a generous sprinkling of 5 grams gold.

To complete the gold fiesta, the cups and cutlery are gold and diamond. You also get to take home a complementary golden spoon. A chocolate slush drink fit for the kings, we must admit.

Macaroons Haute Couture

Macaroons are simple to make and simple to eat. Their popularity is more in France. But there are some Macaroons that feature in the list of being the most expensive. Ice creams, desserts, and after-dinner treats are a common need, and macaroons are tasty desert items that complete a meal course.

Priced at around seven thousand dollars, the Macaroons Haute Couture is the creation of Pierre Herme – a premier name in French pastry creations.

Given that the most expensive ice creams and desserts are not an everyday affair, they do provide you the opportunity for reckless indulgence once in a while.