Most Expensive House In Australia

The Saunder’s Street Mansion, Perth, WA

The $57.5 million property was actually the inheritance of Angela Bennett, which she sold through the mining magnate named Chris Ellison, and it was all through the efforts of the agent named Willie Porteous who got a hefty commission too.

These houses are not newly built homes but they are historical and valuable. Despite of the contemporary designs and patterns, which are emerging these days, their value is not decreasing. After all, they are in an acceptable cycle when it comes to real properties like land titles and houses.

We don’t know when some of the unsold houses could be claimed by someone as theirs. There are tons of mansions from other countries, which are much heftier than the price range, which are mentioned with these 10 houses. Yet, the impressions that Australia gives that residential development can still be redeemed.

People can still save it, especially with the fluctuating economy that the world underwent and is still trying to overcome. Those houses are not just a reminder of value but the practicality that we can still live a comfortable life without spending too much.

In 2009, Chris Ellison, executive director of the mining and engineering firm Mineral Resources located in Western Australia, purchased this most expensive property in Australia; a mansion situated along Perth’s river waterfront that broke all previous sale records by fetching more than $57 million. The sale has been considered to represent a new standard of luxury home sales for Australia.

The sprawling property is located along Saunders Street, in the Mosman Park neighbourhood of Perth. Mr. Ellison purchased the lavish estate from Angela Bennett, a fellow mining industry magnate to Mr. Ellison and the second richest woman in Australia.

The selling price of $57 million for the mansion was the lowest that the price tag had fallen since Ms. Bennett set the original asking price of $70 million in 2007.

The selling agent for the property was Willie Porteous, husband of Rose Porteous, whose former husband the late Lang Hancock was the business partner of Ms Bennett’s father, the late Peter Wright. The property has been on the market since 2007.