Most Expensive Pillows

Pillows are stuffed primarily with materials such as polyester (a synthetic), feathers, down, or a combination of the latter two. The least expensive pillows to manufacture are polyester, although they are the most durable, easily washed, and cause few allergic reactions. Feathers are a moderately priced stuffing. The most expensive is the pillow filled with goose down. Some higher-end pillows may be filled with a combination of goose feathers and down, and that ratio may be varied extensively according to price point (the more down, the more expensive).

One of the world,s most expensive pillows are the Eiderdown pillows. The maker of these pillows is St. Geneve. The Eiderdown pillows are made from the down that lines the nest of the Common Eider. The Common Eider is a large sea-duck native to the northern coasts of Europe, eastern Siberia and North America. St. Geneve uses 360 thread count, 100% Egyptian Cotton in the making of their pillows in order to perfectly complement the Eiderdown filling.

These pillows are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic because there would be no use in buying such expensive pillows if one cannot use it. St. Geneve assures their customers that the down is collected with as little harm to the fowl as possible. Eider flock is collected by the down collectors from the nests in the safe areas. The nests aren’t disturbed until the birds have left. King-sized Eiderdown pillows like those offered by St. Geneve can cost over $2,800.

Another category of expensive pillow is the Orphelia pillow, which is made from Scandia Down. This pillow is an 800 fill Siberian goose down which comes in three different sizes and varying support levels for an extra good night’s sleep. The price tag for an excellent night’s sleep with one of these pillows ranges from $440 to $690. The price tag may increase even further is someone wants to get the pillow personalized according to personal taste and preference.

In a medical perspective, the most expensive pillows are the Cervical Support Pillows. It helps one sleep better and more comfortably at night. This support pillow is one type of orthopedic pillow. Its specific design allows for ideal placement of the head and shoulders while sleeping. It is often called a contour pillow because of the way the pillow has a curved, or contoured design. It best features are that it improves neck pain, relieves headaches, improves sleep apnea symptoms, improves snoring, improves sleep comfort.

Good sleep is necessary for being healthy and for a good sleep, a good pillow is a necessary ingredient. Thus, these expensive pillows can in a way make your life better by keeping you healthier. The pillow makers claim that by the use of one of these pillows the customers can sleep like a baby.