Most expensive sunglasses in the world

Sunglasses are certainly a great addition to you outfit. It not only protects your eyes from harmful rays of the sun but also gives you an edge, especially if you’re wearing the world’s most expensive pair of glasses.

Chopard’s most expensive sunglasses of the world :

World’s most expensive sunglasses were created by Chopard and are worth $400,000.

They are indeed made of 60 grams of 24 carat gold. Plus, they have been decorated with 4 carat River diamonds using a special technique which consists of getting the stones more closely than in the standard setting. This way, the stones will reflect a different and very special light. The sunglasses have been showcased in Dubai at The One and Only Royal Mirage on May 14th 2012.

Moss Lipow sunglasses – up to $3,800 :

New York artist Moss Lipow may not have been trained in the design of eyewear, but that hasn’t stopped him from producing a variety of uniquely eccentric sunglasses. One of those designs, framed in ostrich and alligator leather and priced at $3,800, has become one of the most expensive pairs of sunglasses in the world. Lipow, a former student of NYU’s film school, has a broad visual arts background and can reasonably claim to have the largest collection of vintage 20th century eyewear in the world; his collection includes over 3,000 different frames.

Dolce and Gabbana:

Let’s get shady in style, the most luxurious way! This brown-tinted shades are framed in gold and appear to have the Dolce and Gabbana’s logo written on the arms—in diamonds, costing about $383,609. It’s made of polarized lenses that are of a soft brown color. They have a gold rim, which is quite sexy and is wrapped in cases made of black leather with satin cloth to help prevent scratches. Yes, we don’t want any tiny scratch on this expensive shades all right.

Luxuriator Style 23 – $65,000:

Buffalo ivory temples and 132 diamonds set in 18k gold frames set this pair of luxury sunglasses apart. The fact that one of those diamonds weighs in at 2 carats and accents the right lens only adds to the appeal of these designer sungasses.