Most expensive televisions in the world

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition by Stuart Hughes :

Swiss luxury television maker PrestigeHD asked Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International to design a spectacular piece for the company, says Hughes. So he took a 55-inch PrestigeHD television and covered it in 28 kilograms of 18-carat rose gold and 72 diamonds. Alligator skin was hand sewn into the bezel. This limited edition TV, introduced just this year, surpasses Hughes’ £1 million television for PrestigeHD, which uses 22-carat yellow gold and 48 diamonds.

British designer, Stuart Hughes will only make a total of three PrestigeHD Supreme Rose televisions. Each set will have a 55-inch screen with a 28kg frame made from solid 18-carat rose gold. The outer frames will be encrusted with 72 round cut one-carat flawless diamonds.

Hundreds of tiny sunstones and amethysts are mixed into the gold frame, while inner frame will be made from hand-sewn alligator skin. As for the price, it’s a whopping £1,500,000 ($2,300,000).

Hughes is also producing 10 cheaper versions of the PrestigeHD Supreme. They will only have 19 kilograms of gold and 48 diamonds, for a price tag of £1 million ($1,500,000). I think I’ll take two.

Yalos Diamond – $140,000

From Italian company Keymat Industrie comes an expensive television studded with 160 real diamonds, totaling 20 carats. This expensive TV has no visible screws or welds, and the aesthetics are the work of Japanese designer Takahide Sano. This extravagant television can be purchased in sizes up to 46″.

Beovision 4-103 – $140,000 :

Weighing just over 270 pounds and measuring 48.4” x 50” x 22.4”, it comes in six color choices (black, silver, silver/black, dark grey, red and blue) and is another one of the high performance pieces of technology that we’ve come to expect from B&O.

It has a couple of features that constantly reevaluate the picture quality, tweaking the image based on the room’s light levels or the present image’s color settings to bring you the best viewing experience possible. If you’re watching a movie the TV will switch over to a film mode which delivers the movie in richer detail for widescreen presentation. Switching over to play video games or watch digital TV will also make the TV adjust the image to remove imperfections in the source signal.