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Most expensive airplanes

C17A Globemaster III: $328 million -The Air Force military-transport plane is used to move troops into war zones, perform medical evacuations and conduct airdrop missions. There are 190 C17As in service; the aircraft is propelled by four turbofan engines (of the same type used on the twin-engine Boeing 757) and […]

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Clothes & Fashion

10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever Made

Wedding gowns are truly beautiful sights to behold, and some designers have the talent and vision to create dresses that only a very few brides will be fortunate enough to wear. These gowns are highly priced, exquisitely made, and admired by many. Here are ten of the greatest wedding dresses […]

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Top 10 world most expensive cities 2012

Researchers looked at 214 cities around the world, analyzing data from March 2011 to March 2012. The Japanese capital topped a list of 214 cities ranked by the price of housing, transport, food and clothing. Cities are ordered on the joint cost of 200 items compared to the benchmark, New […]

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Top Ten Universities in London

 University of Cambridge: It is one of the world’s oldest universities and leading academic centre, and a self-governed community of scholars. Cambridge comprises 31 Colleges and over 150 departments, faculties, schools and other institutions. The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of […]

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Collectibles / Art

Top 10 Teenage Books

Reading is very important for the child’s education as it increases their vocabulary and keeps the brain active. Children that read regularly do better in school, are more alert, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish reading their favorite book.  Daughter of Smoke and Bone: The author Laini […]

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Cars & Automobiles

Top 10 Safest Cars

It wasn’t that long ago that a car’s biggest safety feature was a seatbelt. But today automotive manufacturers are realizing that safety is a big selling point, so they are starting to up the ante when it comes to the latest and safest high-tech features. Audi A6: Not only does […]

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

As we all vow to do a whole host of things most of us will not follow through on, TIME brings us the resolutions most often forgotten.  Lose Weight and Get Fit: It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. After a season of way too many cookies, candies […]

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