Six Of Most Expensive Toys In The World

The most expensive toys are not guns, artillery, and missiles that the armies of countries use in wanton. They are in fact toys that are used to regale children. If you are looking to buy the most expensive toys, then the following list is a compilation of such toys.

Toy Soldier

Costing about two hundred thousand dollars, the Toy Soldier is by Don Levine, and is easily one of the most expensive toys. The Toy Soldier is considered as the original G.I. Joe. That time, the toy was sold by Don to a rich businessman. So this toy classifies as vintage material and not really as a highly-functional toy. Your kids won’t be inspired by this toy. You would probably place this toy in your showcase.

Steiff’s 125th Anniversary Teddy Bear

There is an interesting bit of history behind this teddy bear. You probably owned a teddy bear when you were a child, or your children have one already. A teddy bear is synonymous with toys and childhood. But what about the most expensive teddy bear?

With a price tag in the range of upwards of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the stuffed toy teddy bear pays respect to Margarete Steiff – the original teddy bear maker. Made of expensive materials such as gold ivory and diamond sapphires, to name a few, the teddy bear is handmade to perfection.

Darth Vader’s War Helmet

You can get the real Darth Vader War Helmet. You can use this also as a toy. But handle with care, because this toy is one of the most expensive toys around! The war helmet is actually a movie prop that also looks like a toy. Somehow it has become to be known as an expensive toy, rather than an expensive prop.

Darth Vader’s War Helmet is a toy collector’s and antique collector’s delight. Costing upwards of one hundred thousand dollars, this is one expensive helmet. Initially, the helmet was made for Bob Anderson, an English cinema artist. Bob was a stunt double and also acted out the Darth Vader stunt parts as a body double.

Given the sky-high price, it’s surely a mad-buy if you are crazy about Darth Vader, helmets, and iconic movie props.

PEZ Dispenser

Costing thirty thousand dollars, the PEZ dispenser is an expensive toy and a vintage collector’s delight. The PEZ dispenser is a rare pocket dispenser. Only employees of the PEZ company received them.

18K Gold Game Boy

This is one of the most expensive toys that indicate an era gone by, and an era that lies ahead of us. This is the most expensive hand held video gaming device in the world. Made of 18 carat gold, and with a screen studded with diamonds, the cool device costs twenty five thousand dollars.

The device has in-built games too. You also get a cable and some other accessories. Quite an expensive way to play games we must say.

Toy Sewing Machine

Costing thirteen thousand dollars, the Toy Sewing Machine is easily one of the most expensive toys in the world that is also functional. Idiosyncratically designed, the toy is of a man with a sewing machine. Somehow, this toy has caught the fancy of many people, and is now a rare vintage item cum expensive toy.

It is not surprising that toys could be so expensive. The most expensive toys become so based on their make, era of manufacture, demand, and aura.