Top 10 Biggest Acquisitions by Google

Google, described as a dream company for many people is on the track of acquiring some of the best and creative companies of Silicon Valley so that the company remains innovative and competitive. Google has managed to beat most of its rivals like Microsoft and Apple which have deeper pockets with its smarter acquisitions and taking right decision at the right time. At this time of writing Google has 99 companies to its name that it has acquired till now. Here is a list of top 10 Google acquisitions that have completely transformed the fate of the company and have established as one of the best companies to work with.

1. DoubleClick: This online advertisement proved to be hen that lays golden eggs. Google acquired this company for $3.1 billion and has integrated into its core search business as display ads which can be used on various video streaming sites like YouTube.

2. YouTube: This video sharing site is another arm from the Google’s arsenal. The company acquired YouTube in 2009 for $1.65 billion. This move was seen as risky at that time but Google slowly but steadily resolved all the issues pertaining to copyright and violations. The result is before us today, YouTube is world’s no 1 site for video sharing and viewing.

3. Deja: Deja News Research website was a part of UseNet. The company was acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount in 2001 and is integrated into Google Groups.

4. Postini: Postini was an internet solutions providing company that dealt mainly in email security and other services. Google acquired this company for $625 million in June 2007 and integrated its services into Gmail.

5. Applied Semantics: This Company was operating in the personal and mobile advertising space. The company was also responsible for the development of AdSense and KeywordSense. The technology was purchased by Google for only $102 million in 2003. After this acquisition Yahoo purchased rival company Overtune for a whopping $1.63 billion.

6. Google acquired this company in 2010 in order to revamp its Google Goggle product or the image search options. The company purchased it in excess of $100 million.

7. Kaltix: This was a research search engine that was developed at Stanford University that was aimed at providing better search results based on personal choices and preferences. The company acquired this search engine for an undisclosed amount.

8. Android: This mobile operating system was developed by Android.Inc and was acquired Google for only $50 million. This deal has not only improved the mobile presence of Google but it has entered into the personal advertising better.

9.Sprink: This is another advertisement providing company that supplies the ads to many popular networks including Google gobbled the Sprink for only $410 million in 2003. This gave an instant boost to the popularity to the AdWords.

10. Picasa: This photo sharing and editing tool was initially developed by Idealab. Google acquired this for an undisclosed amount in 2004. Soon after the acquisition Google released Picasa for the general public for free download.