Top 10 camera brands

People think that it is the one who stands behind the camera is responsible for the picture quality. True to some extent! But a camera also plays a very important role in getting the best picture. Good cameras make it easier to get good quality photographs. Any camera can take pictures but good cameras make it faster, easier and works in any adverse condition. Here is a list of top 10 camera brand which will let you happy clicking-

1. Canon-
Canon ranges from the very normal ones to high- professional cameras. Great pictures are a result of good lenses. Canon’s legendary EF (Electro-Focus) lens makes it superior than other camera brands. The lens speed is very fast. Image stabilization & auto focus motors in the lenses are great reasons to choose Canon. Canon has the best market for pocket cameras .Canon’s cameras are very consumer friendly both in terms of its operation and price.

2. Nikon-
Nikon is a Japanese company. People believe that Nikon DSLRs is better than Canon DSLRs. Nikons DSLRs play faster than Canons DSLRs. Nikon has an interesting mixture of high-end DSLR cameras and point and shoot cameras. Nikon’s flash exposure control gets perfect flash exposure every time.  Nikon introduces the Nikon D800 which has more resolution than any Canon DSLRs. The new series of Nikon Coolpix have covered a wide range of the market.

3. Sony-
Sony cameras are good competitors to other brands.  Sony has been releasing solid products from the last few years and uses the good Zeiss lenses. The company has made laudable efforts in meeting the consumer demands. The new Sony Cyber-shot camera is doing a great work in the market because of its picture quality, even while you zoom in. The Sony NEX series is equipped with lots of features. It is popular for its hi-definition video capability.

4. Fuji-
This brand is famous among other camera manufacturers because of its strong reputation and first rated artistic designs. One can find the same features as other camera brands in Fuji cameras but in a not so expensive price. The Fujifilm F30 camera is the only camera that has CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor which allows it to give best results in low light environment. The new HS series has some advanced features, it has a function key which permits  you to access mostly used functions without going to the main menu every time.

5. Panasonic-
Panasonic cameras are well known for its ability to recover easily from any adversity. Amongst all the Panasonic collections the Lumix collection has gained lots of appreciations. This Lumix collection has various designs and features. It has interchangeable lenses that provide consumers to enjoy taking photographs. All the new Panasonic series have comfortable grip to it and a nice texture with long battery life.

6. Olympus-
This camera brand is the ruler in the field of manufacturing cameras. It is one of the oldest camera manufacturing brands. Olympus digital cameras brought a major change in the class digital cameras in the year 1996. It has the easiest way to print photos which doesn’t require the use of any cables. Olympus cameras work in any weather condition and have been fulfilling needs of the consumers continuously from many years.

7. Samsung-
Samsung digital cameras are very trendy and have high technical features in reasonable price. There is built in Wi-Fi in the new Samsung Smart cameras with the facility of quick photo sharing. It provides a very good experience of taking photographs with interchangeable lenses.

8. Kodak-
The first simple camera was introduced by Kodak Company, founder George Eastman, in the year 1888. Since then, the company has been releasing new products and satisfies consumer demands to a great extent. Compared to the picture and video quality the price is very less. This brand is known from many years for delivering realistic pictures to the users. Kodak cameras are preferred by professionals because of its brilliant photo quality, easy portability, its service and its enduringness.

9. Casio-
Even if this brand is known as leading manufacturers of watches and calculators, its digital cameras are also popular in the market against other manufacturers. Casio is the innovator of 3 mega-pixel cameras and also introduced the first camera with TFT (thin film transistor) LCD screen. The most famous Casio camera is the Casio Exilim camera which provides high frame rates to its users.

10. Pentax-
Pentax cameras are known for its excellent performance and clarity. Pentax has two categories of cameras- one category is for the beginners and another is for the professionals. The Pentax Optio line is for the newbie and the Pentax digital SLR series is for the professionals. Both the categories of camera are serving the consumers in capturing the beautiful moments of their lives.