Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women

Christmas is one of the best occasions when you can make a woman feel special and charm her by giving the finest Christmas gifts. Every woman has a liking of her own but there are some gifts which are loved by all the women in this world. Expensive or inexpensive- doesn’t matter, it should just be capable of bringing a smile on her face. Here is a list of top 10 Christmas gifts which she can treasure for many years to come:

1 .Diamond jewellery-
It is an old saying that,”Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”. And it is not wrong. Diamond lightens up the eyes and fills the heart of women with utmost joy. It is the best Christmas gift one can ever give to a woman. Diamond can be on anything- a ring, bracelet, pendent or necklace.

2 .Cologne-
Women love fragnances and that too branded ones. Brands like Calvin Klein, Prada, and Romance by Ralph Lauren, Channel, and Miss Dior etc. Perfumes are all time good gifts for women. Branded perfumes will be a little expensive but trust me it will be worth spending on it.

3. Designer Handbags-
A woman needs a handbag every time she steps out of the door. And when it comes to occasions, they prefer taking the designer ones. Women make sure that the handbag is going with their dress and are very picky at the time of buying handbags. So, you can surprise a woman by giving her a designer handbag on Christmas Eve. Designer handbags by Gucci, Guess, and Lucca etc are worth every penny you spend on it.

4. Cosmetics-
You won’t find any woman on this planet who doesn’t use cosmetics. Some like to keep it light on their faces and some are very fond of experimenting their looks with make-up. On Christmas Eve each and every girl is gonna use some make-up to look different from the usual. You can make a woman happy by giving her branded cosmetics or make-up kits. Cosmetics include make-up for eyes, lips, nails, body and everything. Such gifts will help her to look extra glamorous on Christmas night.

5. Home decor products-
To a woman, her home is her temple. She likes to decorate her home. And on festivals and occasions, she makes it a most important point that her home should look beautiful and bright. So you can help her out in decorating her home by gifting her home decor products. Just make sure that u have kept her current interiors in mind while buying things for her home. Try going for bright and shiny things that will facilitate her to embellish her place.

6. Gadgets-
People say women are not that into gadgets, but nowadays women are equally interested in gadgets as men. Women love to flaunt her fancy gadgets like cell phones, camera, and iPod!! They are fond of accessorizing their gadgets too. Here is an information for the one who is planning for giving a camera or cell phone or any other gadget to his lady- ladies love the colour pink!!

7. Bottle Of Champagne-
You can never go wrong with a bottle of champagne as a Christmas gift. It is a classic gift for any festival or occasion.

8. A goodie basket-
Such a gift is a casual one. You can make it unique and special by a little tinge of being personal. You can fill it with soft toys, candles, candle holders, gift card, spa coupons, vouchers and many other things. You can also make some greeting cards with your hands (please don’t get greeting cards from shops; it can be a complete turn down).

9. A designer dress-
A dress for your lady will surely bring a smile on her face. Every woman loves to wear gowns and dresses that make them feel confident and sexy. You can take her to shopping if you are not sure of her size. She will be able to choose her gift herself.

10. Chocolates and Roses-
A big box of chocolates and a huge bouquet of roses is a perfect combination, works all the time. The bigger the better! You can also get her cookies and cakes, this idea works always!