Top 10 computer brands

Today’s world is the world of computers. Technology connects people, mind and ideas. You would feel helpless if you have no technology in your hands. Everybody in this world, professionals to school going kids need a computer or a laptop. But one doesn’t change laptops or PCs very often. So it is necessary that you invest your money in a good computer brand that is reliable, long lasting and adaptable. There are varieties of models of computers in the market. Some people are obsessed with the design and some go for the best configurations in the computer. Here is a list or top 10 computer brands which have been fulfilling consumers demand since many years-

1. Apple-
This American brand is famous worldwide. It is known for its hardware products i.e. Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. It is a little expensive but worth spending your money on it because of its long life and durability. Its products are very gracefully crafted and have a strong reputation in the market.

2. Hewlett-Packard-
HP is famous for its solid body which can go through any negative situation. It is not over priced and still has never let its users down. It is one of the most trusted brands and has a wide range of laptops and computers suited for customers from any age group. HP envy 17 and HP pavilion is doing well in the market.

3. Dell-
Dell computers are known for its customer care support. This brand offers a variety of configurations in an affordable price. This company assembles computer systems of its own. It provides the opportunity to its users to get particular configurations from its official website. It gives a great performance and preferred over other brands because it is easy to fix Dell computers in others comparison.

4. Lenovo-
Lenovo produces the fastest computers. It has a good windows boot up and display performance. It is the world second largest PC manufacturer according to the share market in the year 2011. It produces the ThinkPad line of notebook computers and the Think Centre line of desktops, which delivers the best quality. The C series desktops will not disappoint you ever.

5. ASUS-
This Taiwan multinational company is the fifth largest PC manufacturer. It produces motherboards, desktops, laptops, monitors, tablet PCs, servers, video cards and mobile phones and manufactures few components for other computer companies. This brand is very reliable and is distinct from other brands for its simplicity and strength.

6. Toshiba-
This is a Japanese multinational company which produces a wide range of products. Toshiba computers and laptops are well known for its speed, battery life and style. It makes excellent gaming computer with great graphics card. Toshiba laptops have great portability. This brand is totally dependable.

7. Sony-
The name of the brand brings up the thought of stylish designs and A-class performance. The products are a little expensive but are dependable and have a long life. Sony vaio series have attracted a huge number of customers. Sony computers hardly give you any complaints. It introduces laptops with such innovative style that it catches the eyes of the youngsters.

8. Acer-
Acer offers the same memory and ram as the other expensive laptops at a lower price. It makes the most affordable good quality laptops. Some of its models could not stand in the market but it has some good models as well. Its light weighed models are liked by the users which they can carry anywhere without any difficulties.

9. Samsung-
This Korean Company is a strong player in the field of electronics. Samsung is a newbie in the field of computers but it has been able to build a very solid reputation amongst other manufacturers. In the year 2007, Samsung won the PC Pro award for best laptop manufacturer. It is a little high priced but it is very reliable and never ever gives any trouble to its users. More than 90 percent users go for buying a Samsung model again.

10. Compaq-
Compaq is not a bad player in the market. But the Compaq computers are not very fast as compared to the above mentioned brands. HP had acquired Compaq in the year 2002. You can expect its laptops to be reliable. The price of its laptops are not over priced, you can go for it if you do not want to invest much in computers.