Top 10 female dog names

Dogs are the men’s best friends. Dogs are one of the world’s best pets. They are loyal, faithful and filled with fun. All dogs need to be loved and groomed. In return, they give you eternal love. Humans should consider dogs as a part of their family and take proper care of their health.  When it comes in giving your pet dog a name, try to think something different. People usually give their female pet dogs very soft and tender names, unlike male pet dogs. Female dog’s names mostly describe their physical appearance, their characteristics, size and shape, etc. But before naming your dog, keep in mind that you will be calling your dog hundreds of times in a day, so keep the name simple, short and yes, you should love the name. Here is a list of top 10 female dogs in different regions. This will you help you in deciding the name of your new best friend.

1. Top 10 names in U.S-
The famous dog names in U.S are kept considering physical appearance and according to the famous T.V actor’s name. The small dogs are given cute names and the bigger breeds are given powerful names. Maggie, Bella, Sophie, Daisy, Molly, Princess, Angel, Lady, Sasha and Lucy are the famous names in U.S.

2. Top 10 names in U.K-
Dog’s names in U.K are mostly kept according to their characteristics. Dogs that run fast are usually given short names so that they can be easily called. The names differ with breeds. A golden retriever will be named as Honey and a terrier will be named as Spoily. People have more pet dogs than cats in U.K.  Top 10 female dogs name are Kyra, Tara, Blossom, Tansy, Kyla, Candy, Lara, Heidi, Daisy, Kate.

3. Top 10 names in India-
People in India are very innovative with their dog’s name. They keep quirky and funny names to their pet dogs. Sometimes they like to keep people’s name. And many just keep it simple by giving their dogs names according to its colour. Top names are Brownie, Blacky, whiskey, Aisha, Jimmy, Polly, Missy, Pinky, Tudi, and Bruno.

4. Top 10 names in Russia-
People in Russia are fonder of cats than dogs. Crossbred dogs are more popular in Russia. Top 10 female dogs name are Puto, Billy, Cheeka, Della, Bertha, Emily, Katarina, Stacie, Tania, Hilda.

5. Top 10 names in China-
Chinese people name their dogs according to its behaviour or physical characteristics. Every Chinese dog name has a meaning. Top 10 female dogs name in China are Bao, Bo, Chao, Hutu, Juan, Lan, Lei, Wan, Zi and Yi-Zi.

6. Top 10 names in Australia-
People in Australia name their pet dogs according to some place or any people which is very amusing. Some famous female dog names in Australia are Bikkie, Jassie, Molly, Kiwi, Sooky, Chrissie, Kiah, Rossie, Kora and Tallara.

7.Top 10 names in Canada-
People in Canada treat their pets as members of the family. Pet’s names are very similar to the names of babies. Some famous names in Canada are Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Bella, Princess, Angel, Bailey, Samantha, Abbey, and Chloe.

8. Top 10 names in Japan-
Dogs are the world’s most famous pet. In Japan, people are fond of dogs and give them beautiful names depending on dog’s actions and traits. Here is the top 10 female dogs name in Japan- Momo (means peach in Japanese), Hana (means flower in Japanese), Nana, Sakura, Koro, Tenshi (means angel), Chibi, Rin, Marin and Fuji.

9. Top 10 names in Africa-
African names for dogs are powerful and trendy. People from all over the globe like to give an African name to their loving pets. Famous female dog name in Africa are Ane, Kwini, Ade, Diya, Enyi, Kafi, Kamakazi, Lomo, Nata, Stara and Uki.

10. Top 10 names in Switzerland-
In Switzerland, people name their dogs according to appearance. St. Bernard is dogs breed that origin from this place. This dog is known for its huge size and is famous for rescue activities. Here are some famous names of female dogs in Switzerland– Elena, Giada, Ingrid, Janine, Claudia, Claudia, Bernard, Gisele, Florina and Janna.