Top 10 Halloween songs

Halloween is the festival on which people honour the dead. This scariest festival is celebrated on 31st October every year. People all over the world celebrate this day by lighting bonfires, playing tricks on each other, watching horror movies, carving jack-o’-lanterns, visiting church and attending parties. With all these activities, people make sure that they have the best Halloween songs to play in their parties. Halloween songs are the best part of every Halloween celebrations. There are many famous spooky songs which people play in Halloween night. Here is a list of the top 10 Halloween songs:

1. “Thriller”-
This track sung by “The king of pops” –Michael Jackson is a most successful music video, as listed in the Guinness World Records in 2006 for the huge amount of selling of units.  The song is written by Rod Temperton, produced by Quincy Jones and video is choreographed by Micheal Peters and Micheal Jackson, the video won Grammy in 1985 for best video. The song is incredible, also featuring Vincent Price, who is well known for his distinctive voice in horror films. This song’s video has Vincent Price rapping, zombie like jazz dancing and off course, Michael Jackson which make it one of the top ten Halloween songs.

2. “I’m Your Boogie Man”-
This soundtrack has a very different style of music. It has a merge of disco with heavy metal. The song was recorded by White Zombie for their album “The Crow: City of Angels Soundtrack” and it gave a chance to White Zombie Band to get a nomination in Grammy for Best Metal Performance. The music is very loud and perfect for a hardcore Halloween party. By playing the song in high volume, we can easily scare someone in Halloween night.

3.” Monster Mash”-
This Halloween song sung by Bobby “Boris” Pickett is an amusing and fun filled track. It has been a favourite of everybody since it has released. The song has a very different and innovative music. Various ways were applied to give music in the song. For example, the sound of opening of a coffin was copied by nail being pulled out of a wooden board .The video of the song is equally hilarious and amazing. One of the best Halloween track ever – kick-starts the party!

4. “Werewolves of London”-
This song is a must in every Halloween celebrations! Sung by Warren Zevon, this soundtrack is a fantabulous one and has been used in many movies also. Everybody looks forward for this rock song in a Halloween party.

5. “This Is Halloween”-
This title track from the epic Tim Burton film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ was nominated for the best original score in the 1993 Golden Globes. Composed by Danny Elfman, the song is used as background music for a video game called Kingdom Hearts. This song was recorded again in many other languages. People love to listen to this soundtrack- makes a Halloween party fully fledged.

6. “Welcome to my Nightmare”-
This is the first solo album by Alice Cooper. The songs in this album are in sequence which tells about the nightmares of a child named Steven, a fictional character. The music in the album has a fusion of Hard rock with Broadway tunes- perfect for a loud Halloween party.

7. “Ghostbusters”-
Ray Parker Jr. is the writer of the theme song ‘who you gonna call?’ for the movie ‘Ghostbusters’. It stayed in No.1 position for three weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1984.The song is perfect for children Halloween party. Kids enjoy watching the movie also. The song can be played as a party starter.

8. “A Nightmare on My Street”-
This song from the album “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” was a smashing hit in U.S, featuring Will Smith. This rap song is great for Halloween party. We can listen to the song over and over again. A must- play for Halloween parties.

9. “The Addams Family Theme”-
The theme song from the T.V series “The Addams Family” is a very familiar with everybody. The series is based on a cartoon serial. The theme has a very peculiar music- loved by kids in Halloween parties. This kind of music can make your Halloween party different from others.

10. “Don’t Fear the Reaper”-
Sung by “Blue Öyster Cult” – a rock band in 1976; this rock song is very popular Halloween song. The song is not creepy until u consider its lyrics. Lyrics of the song are about love and a boy tells a girl not to fear the reaper.