Top 10 MLM in India

Multi level Marketing (MLM) also commonly known as pyramid selling, network selling and referral selling. MLM is a type of direct selling where salespersons are recruited and paid to sell the products and also when they recruit others for doing the same job.  So when one person recruits others and those other people recruit another group of people for selling the goods, a network is formed and that is called as multi level marketing. A lot of company follow this technique of selling and it is preferred by a lot of people as a part time job. MLM is also very much famous in India and has gained a widespread popularity. Here is the list of top 10 MLM companies-

1.       Aaroh Distribution Pvt Ltd-
This Indian MLM Company has a very broad distribution and marketing network. It has a decade of experience in distributing fast moving consumer goods, investment, durable – non durable goods, beauty products, home appliances etc. It has helped many companies in marketing and distribution to a very great extent and helped a lot of people fulfil their desires and earn money.
2.        Balaji Group system-
Established in the year of 2008 this is one of the leading MLM company providing wide range of services to its customers. This company is engaged in website designing, and software development. It makes website logo, brochures, business card designs and lot more. It has a team of experienced people who have knowledge in the field of e-commerce, applications, php, development etc.
3.       Dewsoft Overseas-
Dewsoft overseas aims at giving superior quality in its service providing business and giving technical support worldwide. Incorporated in the year 2000, it has created one of the largest educational portals, It aims at becoming a top IT company and a huge knowledge community.
4.       Cander Bio Marketing Pvt Ltd-
This MLM Company is one of the famous MLMs in India. It operates from Calicut, Kerala. It has been giving a lot of services to people, which simply has no match with other companies and has been providing good rewards to its associates.
5.       Earthwide Sales and Marketing Private Limited-
This MLM Company operates from Lucknow and has a diversified business like insurance, air ticketing, finance, ads etc. It has been providing employment to lot of people and has a good reputation in whole over India.
6.       FMIA Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd-
Operating from Bengaluru, Karnataka, this MLM Company is dealing in health insurance and other packages services. It aims at creating a huge clients database and excel in the market of providing services.
7.       HLM Retail India Pvt Ltd.-
Established in the year 2010 this MLM company provides the opportunity to start a zero risk business. It operates from the city of Ghaziabad.
8.       IES Marketing PVT. LTD.-
This MLM Company believes in spreading financial education in India to help India grow by increasing its GDP. This company provides education on financial matters. It provides knowledge about share market to common man. One of the noblest ways to earn money. Get knowledge, share knowledge and earn money.
9.       Gurussr Distributors Pvt. Ltd.-
From the past 3 years, this company has been providing its customers with many healthy products. Guru SSR Noni/ Nutri/ AloeVera.G and Dibo.G are few names of its products which are doing very well in the market. The company aims at having Marts, Health club / Gym, Gaming zone, Computer library, Restaurants, Ready-made garments and much more, in the future. It has launched online education with Voice which offers computer courses. It has been a very successful MLM company in India. Its affiliates never face any hardship in selling its products and they get handsome payment.
10.   Jeevan And Business Associates, LTD.-
Popularly known as JAB associates, this company is a rapidly growing MLM company. It has its head office in Gorakhpur, U.P. It deals with security benefit products, power card, cloth kit and business starter kit in MLM business. Its aim is to improve efficiency in business with the help of innovations in field of technologies.