Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in The World

Watches today are not only for checking the time but are a symbol of style and status. Your watch is now a symbol of your standings and luxurious life. Here are some of the most expensive watches that are available in the world today. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive watches in the world :

1. Joaillerie 101 Manchette: This masterpiece is one of the rarest in the world to produce. The watch has more than 500 diamonds that are arranged in some kind of a puzzle. The entire body of the watch is made up of 18 carat white gold. The price of the watch is not known up till now. The price varies according to the number of diamonds that are studded on the watch.2. Tour de I’lle: These watches first came into existence in 2005. The limited edition watches have a complex design. The dial is made up of 18 carat Gold and the wrist band is made up of finest leather and hand woven. The watch is capable of keeping summer time, minute repeater, second time zone and a calendar. The price of this watch is expected to be around $2,570,000.3. Big Bang Chronograph: This exclusive masterpiece is manufactured by Hublot. The company in partnership with diamond merchant Bunter has made this watch. The cost of this watch is expected to be $1 million.4. Classical Billionaire Tourbillion: This watch is manufactured by Corum and has 850 diamonds. The watch has a 90 hour backup. These limited edition watches are priced at a fixed price of $998,000.5. Tenica Skeleton Chronograph: The watch has a beautiful platinum casing and a whole lot of features like tourbillion, chronograph and minute repeater. This limited edition watch is manufactured by Parmiagiani Fleuirier and is priced at $850,000.6. Grande Complication: Manufactured by Blancpain and has many features such as split second chronograph, perpetual calendar and an automatic winding mechanism. The watch is priced at $785,000.7. Opera One: This watch has a minute repeater, manual winding, 75 hour power reserve and see through backing of the watch. The band is made up of alligator skin and is completely hand woven. The price of this watch is $495,000.8. Double Tourbillion: These hand graved watches has an image of solar system on its dial. The entire casing is made up of platinum. The cost of the watch is $329,000.9. Titanic Watches: These watches are conceptualized by Roman Jerome and are created from the hull of Titanic. The watch making metal is mixed with shipbuilding steel. These watches are priced at $152,435.10. Zadora Timepieces: These watches are made by Andreas von Zandora-Gerlof. This collection comprises of a bee that sits on a micro pave and is made up of oxidized palladium. The bee is made up of many diamonds that are red and yellow in color. This price of this watch is $150,000.