Top 10 Most Expensive Watches

Joaillerie 101 Manchette, Jaeger  le Coultre

This is more of a jewel than a watch, and its price is so high that it was not estimated yet. Made out of little precious squares, of which some are filled with 576 diamonds, while others are made of platinum and onyx.  The watch face is hidden among these squares, being as small as one of them. This watch’s mechanism is based on the smallest manual watchmaking movement, Calibre 101.

The Chopard 201 Carat watch

It might be unbelieveable, but this watch worth $25 million.
It’s made of 15 carat pink diamond, 12 carat blue diamond and 11 carat white diamond. In addition there’s 163 carat diamond surrounded by white and yellow, so that is a total of 201 carat, as the name of the watch. This incredible jewel is featuring 3 heart shaped diamonds of different colors: a pink one, a blue one and a white one. Around them and on the entire bracelet of the watch, there are yellow diamonds arranged in a flower design, with a white diamond in the middle of each.

Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication

Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication is an 18 carat gold pocket watch made in 1932. It was produced in 4 years. This watch is booked by New York banker Henry Graves, Jr. This watch set a record for pocket watch in the year 1999 when it was sold by auction.  It incorporates 24 homological complications and is worth 11,000,000 $.

‘Meteoris’ Tourbillon, Louis Moinet

This is a series which includes four watches, each one unique in its own way. They are all made of 18 carat gold and include 3.46 carat diamonds. The most interesting characteristic of these watches are the dials around the openings; they are made from pieces of meteorites. This collection, together with  a planetarium mechanism that is , itself, a work of art, is sold for 4, 500,000 $.

‘Platinum World Time’ , Patek Phillipe

This watch is famous for displaying all the 24 time zones and also, for its readability. This gorgeous watch was created by world famous Patek Phillipe in 1939. This watch became world’s most expensive watch in 2002 when it was sold for $4 million in an auction event.

Secret Watch with Phoenix Bird on Top , Cartier

This expensive timepiece is shaped as a phoenix and can be worn on the wrist. The bird is made out of rhodium, while the eyes are two brilliants, and a total of 3,010 diamonds cover the entire surface of the phoenix. This watch is owned by Richemont who bought it for 2,755,000$.

Model 2523 Heures Universelles

This Patek Phillip watch of 18 karat yellow old is a world time watch with an intricately designed polychrome cloisonné enamel dial representing the North American map. This watch was sold in 2006 at Antiquorum for $2,899,373.

Aeternitas Mega 4, Frank Muller

Aeternitas Mega 4 succeeded to beat the one of Patek Philip, 1933: it has 36 complications, the most complications ever elaborated on a watch. It comes with a 999 years calendar and with a chronograph. It also allows his owner to see the time zone in 3 countries. This watch can be found in Geneva and is worth 2, 700,000 $.

Fibonacci Pocket Watch, Parmigiani Fleurier

This is a retro pocket watch, made by the watch manufacturer Parmigiani Fleurier. The name Fibonacci is adopted from the name of a great mathematician from the past. The watch includes an everlasting calendar, a minute repeater, and a system which tracks the phases of the moon. It took 3 years to complete this masterpiece and it is valued at 2,400,000$.

Tour de L’Ile , Vacheron Constantin

Tour de L’ile marked the 250th anniversary of the watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin, in 2005; it was produced in a limited edition of 7 watches.  It features astronomical indications, such as a tourbillion device, a minute repeater, sunset time, perpetual calendar, two time zones, the equation of time and the representation of the night sky. It was valued at 1,500,000$.