Top 10 Most Influential People Online

These are those persons who have revolutionized the internet and the way we live and interact in the modern world scenario. Here is a list of top 10 people that have revolutionized the world of internet :

1. Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg

This 26 year old is the youngest CEO in the world and heads the world’s most popular social networking website ‘Facebook’. Popular magazine Forbes has estimated the personal wealth of Zuckerberg to be well above $4 billion. Recently a movie called as ‘The Social Network’ was also released on him that has even won an Oscar.

2. Bill Gates

Bill GatesHe was the chairman and co-founder of world’s largest software company Microsoft. He remained world’s richest man for few years in a row and since he has retired from the company, Bill Gates along with his other billionaire friends is actively involved in charity and philanthropy

3. Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin

These three are mind behind the Google, the world most popular search engine. The company’s worth is expected to be around $80 billion but experts worldwide believe that this figure could be much more than that. Apart from ruling the search market, Google own YouTube, Android and AdSense. The company also tried to acquire a stake in Facebook but the talks failed with Zuckerberg. Google today is one of the dream companies to work with.

4. Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales is an internet entrepreneur that has revolutionized the way in which the information is delivered to the masses. He co-founded Wikipedia, the world’s largest and free online encyclopaedia. This has enlisted him in the list of self-made billionaires in the recent times.

5. Steve Jobs

The man behind Apple Computers. The co-founded this company with his friend Steve Wozniak. Today he has taken Apple to the next level, leaving behind the Microsoft in terms of PC volumes. The Apple’s OS Macintosh is believed to be Steve’s brainchild.

6. Evan Williams

He is known as the CEO of Twitter, a micro blogging social platform. He is regarded as the father of blogging and bee around in the industry since the last 10 years. He is also known for his outstanding creations like Weblog and Blogger software.

7. Matt Mullenweg

The father of WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform. More than 2% of the top 10000 sites run on WordPress today. Because of the WordPress, Matt has managed to get a subdomain at

8. Julian Assange

An American publisher and computer hacker that has been in the spotlight for his whistle blowing website The website talks about the freedom of press and has been in the eye of controversy for its publishing of various classified information on the internet.

9. Craig Newmark

This is another well-known internet celebrity that has been in the business of online advertisement since the last 15 years. The site offers classified ads dealing in a variety of products and services on various forums, websites and blogs. His website Craigslist has more than 20 billion page views per month.

10. Arianna Huffington

This influential lady has been a part of HuffingtonPost. This news site has made to the Forbes list of 100 most visited sites. The success doesn’t come as cheaply as a number of scams and controversies have gathered around her life.