Top 10 Most Weird and Dirty Jobs

Jobs are the activities from where one can earn his livelihood. There are some jobs in the world that no one would like to do but someone has to do them. Here is a compiled list of some of the dirtiest jobs in the world. These jobs are for the unfortunates.
1. Sewer Inspector/Cleaner: The job of a sewer inspector is to inspect the sewers. You have to deal with all the shit and other filthy matter that can choke them.2. Chimney Sweeper: This is an old age profession where the unfortunate person gets into the small place to clean all the soot and ash that clings to the walls of chimney.3. Bat Cage Scavenger: This dirty job involves with bats. If you’ve ever been to a bat cave then you might understand the “difficulties” and “shit” that the person has to face. The smell of bat’s shit can cause tears in your eyes almost instantly.4. Road Kill Cleaner: This job is not for the faint hearted. You have to deal with the dead body and other parts that are lying on the road. This is not for the animal lovers as there are brains, guts and other body parts splint all the over the road.5. Pet Food Taster: Not only these people enjoy their job which involves the tasting of pet food but they become used to them.6. Termite Controller: Have you ever encountered with those small ants and other creatures that crawl up your pants whenever you set your feet in the grass. Imagine dealing with them every day.7. Sewer Plumber: This is another dirty but it can be highly paid if you work in those parts of the world where the water is scarce. Plumbers in Dubai are paid almost $20000 per annum. But they have to deal with those pipes where the shit is struck in it.8. Oil Rig Personnel: You get caught in the middle of nowhere and given one of the toughest jobs of the world. You will be working for 12 hours at a stretch coping with the mechanical failures and other technical glitches. But this job be highly rewarding and you can earn up to $50000 per annum.9. Coal Miner: This job demands you to get black because of the coal that you excavate. They miners work in one of the most catastrophic and highly dangerous environment where you can’t survive. You will be exposed to deadly fumes and coal dust which can cause cancer and other diseases.10. Smell Tester: This job is not all dirty but it is highly weird where you make your living out by smelling out the perfumes and other products of many cosmetic companies. A tester can smell up to 60 odors in an hour.

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