Top 10 Sites In The World

Every website or blog owner wants his/her site or blog on the top. Even we dream to make our Blog the best blog in the world. Its not easy but if we work hard we could achieve our goals. So today we are going to discuss about Top 10 Sites in the world. Sites are ranked according to the alexa ranking. So here is the list of Top 10 Sites in the world.

top 10 sites

1. Google – Nearly all of us know about, the best search engine in the world. is primarily a search engine but also offers products like google adsense, adwords, apps, gmail and much more. It is the most viewed and visited site in the world and ranks at number 1.

2. Facebook – Facebook is a Social networking site which currently have more than 500 million users across the globe. The site is used by users for sharing photos, pages and even videos with friends and relatives. Facebook is quite popular due to the variety of features it offers such as games, applications and much more.

3. Youtube – Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world. It is used to upload, tag and share videos with friends and the world.

4. Yahoo – Yahoo is another search engine which is quite famous. Yahoo also offers services such as Yahoo mail, Games, News etc.

5. Blogger – Blogger is a free web publishing tool that allow the users to create personal blogs and even professional blogs.

6. Baidu – Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine. It provides simple search interface and is quite reliable. Most of the users of Baidu are from China. In China it is the most famous search engine.

7. Wikipedia – It is free encyclopedia which has been built collaboratively using wiki software. Site offers information on nearly everything and even allow the registered users to update the content and information. Any updated content or information is then checked by the wikipedia staff and any wrong updated information is removed.

8. Windows Live – Site owned by microsoft which offers mail and skydrive functionalities.

9. Twitter – Twitter is a Social networking and microblogging site. Twitter has around 190 Million users and is quite famous as a social media site.

10. QQ – It is china’s largest and most used Internet service portal. QQ is owned by Tencent which was founded in November 1998.