Top 10 Tattoos That Will Force You to Say WTF

Tattoos are seen as an extreme form of body art where one tries to express his belief or desire of their topic on their body part. The tattoos are made up of permanent and inedible ink that puts a lasting impression on the skin. The tattoo making is seen as the funky and cool style statement amongst the youth of the world. Here are some of the world body tattoos that have beenĀ inked by craziest people on Earth.

1. Checker Man

Checker Man

2. Weird N Out of This world

Weird N Out of world

3. Six Pack Tattoo

Six Pack Tattoo

4. Time Bomb

Time Bomb

5. I See You


6. Scary Sex

Scariest Sex Ever!!!

7. Belly Button

Belly Button

8. Halloween Night

Halloween Night

9. Tongue Art

tongue Art

10 Bobby is Everywhere

Bobby where Are You????