World’s Most Expensive Bra

Victoria’s Secret the high-profile lingerie brand does own the bragging rights for the most expensive bra and panty set in the world today. It costs $15 million, which is enough to buy you more than a dozen luxury cars or a mildly huge mansion, or fund an around-the-world tour for a month.

The most expensive bra set is aptly called the “Red Hot Fantasy”. The set is, in fact, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “most extravagant and expensive items of underwear ever created.” The bra alone has 1,300 gemstones including diamonds and 300 carats of Thai rubies stitched onto red satin. The existence of the most expensive bra was kept a big secret and was only revealed during the grand opening of Manhattan’s new Victoria’s Secret store on Broadway and 67th Street.

The World’s Most Expensive Sports Bra is launched by the Body Rock Sport. The Trenta Bra, combines function and fashion to give you one of the most unique sports bras on the market.  With burnout fabric, ipod pockets and a Swarovski crystal neckline this is surely a fun find.  Designer Kelley Dooley, designed the bra to “empower women to look and feel good every day”.  Another great thing about the bra, you can remove the Knight and Hammer jewelry from the bra and wear as a necklace and a bracelet. The cost of this bra is $1,850.

Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra $5 million: The bra features 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one-carat white round diamonds and thirty-four rubies. The bra was designed to maximize the wearer’s cleavage, an effect furthered by the two 50-carat black diamonds dangling from the center. The bra was created by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz and cost just over $5 million to make.

Heavenly 70s Fantasy Bra $10 million: Featuring 2,900 diamonds set in 10kt white gold, this Victoria’s Secret offering had a centerpiece of its own—a flawless 70-carat pear-shaped diamond. The bra was designed by jeweler Mouawad.

Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra $10 million: This bra, made with 1,150 ruby roses and 1,600 emerald leaves, was created by Mouawad in 2002. It took over 370 hours of work to make and featured the 60-carat Mouawad Mondera diamond.

Very Sexy Fantasy Bra $11 million: Another 370-hour Mouawad creation, the Very Sexy Fantasy bra was designed in 2003. It trumped the Star of Victoria with its 70-carat Mouawad Excelsior diamond.

Heavenly Star Bra $12.5 million: Studded with 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires, this bra features a 90-carat emerald cut diamond as its centerpiece. That diamond alone, in fact, is worth $10.6 million. For an additional $750,000, one could even purchase a pair of matching briefs.