World’s Most Expensive Laptops

Laptops are one of the biggest status symbols these days and laptop producers have taken huge advantage of this opportunity in order to make profits, by making innovations in their laptops. Laptops are valuable.A laptop is a computer designed for mobile use. A laptop integrates most of the typical components of a desktop computer, all in one single unit.

Luvaglio 1 Million Dollar Laptop

This is a made-to-order laptop that you can get built with your own specifications and design choices by spending $1 million. In fact, you can even decide the material from which you want the laptop to be made. Luvaglio laptop is considered as the first luxuries laptop which is fixed with 17” inches LED wide-screen and was exclusively designed with anti-reflective glare coating for crystal clear and brighter image prospective. It is loaded with an integrated screen cleaning device as well as very rare and peculiar colored diamond piece that which doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also, this one will acts as identification device for security. It has 128 GB solid state drive, MP3 player, a built in USB stick.

Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip describes itself as the “world’s most desired luxury notebook”. Its chrome handle and rounded curves make it resemble a women’s handbag. It also has changeable skins made of superior quality leathers with white gold plates and diamonds. The performance is the same as regular laptops with antiglare screen display, 160 GB HARD disk, 2 GB RAM, DVD burner, Bluetooth 2.0, and integrated webcam. The titanium hooks as well as the sliding panels mask the unsightly connections and ports.

Ego for Bentley

The authenticity of the Bentley logo on the laptop makes it extremely stylish and worthy of competing with the Bentley car. The Authentic Bentley Leather, color schemes and stitchings are really stylish things that every Woman would like to own. It is available in different variant colors that match your car body or you costumes, when closed the laptop handle resembles like the door handle of the automobile. For performance you only have a 64 bit CPU for 64 bit Vista and a meagre 160 GB HDD.

Voodoo Envy H:171

This laptops possess a specs of Intel Core 2 Extreme, 4GB of RAM, 1.3 mega pixel camera, dual layer DVD RW in high resolution, 7 in 1 card reader andtwin Nvidia Quadro Go 2500M graphics. The good thing about this laptop is that is has a 14 tattoos to choose from. It has a high resolution 18 inch display.

Rock Extreme SL8

It is said to be the fastest laptop in the world with the processor Intel Core 2 Quad, 7 GB RAM and NVIDIA 9800 GPUs. It also comes with Blu-Ray used for displaying high definition images. Anyone can be proud with this possession. The cost is nearly $5000 which is worth the performance.

There are few other Expensive Laptops like Alienware Area 51 worth $5000, Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS worth $4500, Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660 worth $3500 and Dell M6400 worth $3000 which are considered as theMost Expensive Laptops where it satisfies the customer by its good looking along with its cool features.