World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish

People have been decorating their nails since before the rise of the Roman Empire, so it’s only natural that someone would create a truly extravagant nail polish. For the woman who has everything, here comes the Gold Rush, the most expensive nail polish in the world.  I Do is made with powdered platinum and debuted at JCK-Las Vegas in 2005.

The ‘I Do’ polish, one of the most expensive in the world, is collaboration by Allure magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthey, PGI and Essie Cosmetics.

The first batch of this luxury nail polish was displayed in a special bottle created by PGI and designer Henry Dunay and made of —pure platinum. A normal bottle of the platinum polish can be purchased for a more affordable $250. However, the first bottle was displayed in special bottle made with platinum top and base that is valued at $55,000. It set the new world record for the most expensive nail polish.

Another most expensive nail polish is the Gold Rush Couture by Models Own for a whopping $1, 30,000. This exclusive nail polish available to view and order from British jeweler Frost of London comes with a beautiful lid that has been carefully handcrafted from yellow gold. A total of 1,118 diamonds have been inlaid.

When painted on it looks like gold leaf – it glistens, glimmers and actually sparkles like tiny diamonds yet are absolutely smooth to the touch. While the Golden nail paint certainly draws attention, it is mainly the bottle with diamonds engraved on it which steals the show. The shimmering metallic shade doesn’t have actual gold in the formula, but the outside is dripping with the real thing.