World’s Most Expensive Universities

Vast, expansive, lush lawns; elaborate libraries, state-of-the-art laboratories and above all a team of prodigious and world renowned faculty, a seat in a sanctum-sanctorum like that is a dream come true to any student. He/she would run a million extra miles to be an alumnus there.

Not all the most beautiful and most reputed Universities of the world are affordable though. The price tag (that is inclusive of tuition fee and miscellaneous expenditure) that goes with the name is not affordable by scores of students. Although the Universities’ financial boards offer decent support, the price of the tuition offered leaves a student gaping.

Education is Insurance, but are we doing enough to ensure that our children get the best of education available out there. Universities are charging exorbitant amounts and its growing every year.  The university fees range from a whooping Rs. 23 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs per year.

Vassar College
Price Tag: 
The now coed former Seven Sisters school offers 50 baccalaureate majors in liberal arts fields from English to biology and self instruction in foreign languages from Hindi to Yiddish. Graduating Vassar seniors applying to schools of medicine and law boast acceptance rates of 85 and 88 percent.

Washington University in St. Louis
Price Tag:
WUSTL’s cost brings the choice of 40 majors in the arts and sciences, in addition to business, fine arts, and engineering. Price doesn’t come without prestige: the 9th most expensive school in the States is also the 11th most selective for incoming undergraduates.

University of Melbourne is one of the priciest in Australia and becomes unaffordable by many owing to a fee structure of $20,200 per year.

National University of Singapore joins the bandwagon of the richie rich Universities charging a huge $24,000. The University has stringent conditions for admission among them a good score in GRE is mandatory.

Harvard University which inspires many a diligent student charges $36,173. You cannot think of being there without a decent score in GRE.
Wesleyan University
Price Tag: 
The second Connecticut school on our list has just under 2,800 students who each pay $51,432 to study one of the school’s 47 academic majors in the arts and sciences. Gifted science students wishing to pursue a master’s degree are in luck: Wesleyan waives fifth year tuition for students in its combined BA/MA program.

George Washington University
Price Tag:
Washington’s largest university, George Washington offers 87 major programs including international affairs, political science, and journalism. The price tag is steep but comes with a small grace: tuition remains at the freshman rate for up to 10 full-time semesters.

Sarah Lawrence College
Price Tag: 
Sarah Lawrence takes the most expensive crown for another year, topping our list with a total bill of $55,788. The nation’s highest price tag buys an undergraduate program without traditional majors: Sarah Lawrence students individualize programs to suit their interests. Individual faculty tutorials augment seminars, and grades are supplemented with detailed written evaluations by faculty.

Canada’s Quest University

It is reputed both for quality education and expenditure. With a fee about $20,500 for tuition in U.S. dollars, students also need to take ACT test, a decent score in which becomes indispensable for admission.