World’s Most Expensive Wallets

Wallets are just about as personal as the purses or pants that hold them. Women often tend to lean towards beautiful stunning wallets made out of only the finest materials with all sorts of designer labels and accessories to match. Men’s wallets, on the other hand, focus on the more practical aspects of the wallet while keeping fine quality products in mind.

The most expensive wallets for both men and women hold not much difference in price, but it’s true that the most expensive woman’s wallet is still a touch flashier than the most expensive man’s wallet.

London men’s luxury brand Dunhill has introduced their newest item- A Virtually Indestructible (Indestructible!) wallet. The new biometric wallet has a Bluetooth proximity alarm, carbon fiber shell and a fingerprint sensor for ultimate security.  All you need to get this item is a decent fingerprint, and $825.

This wallet gives the guarantee of never being robbed.  The entire wallet can be linked to your cell phone via Bluetooth, and if your phone and wallet are ever more than 15 feet (five meters) apart, the Bluetooth alarm sounds. Also, it gives the option to turn this off when one is at home or work where the devices are more apt to be far apart from one another.

The most expensive woman’s wallet is made by Balenciaga and features a black shiny leather upper that the company claims is only the softest of vintage leather, with a colorful mixture of pink and aqua green swirls and circles on the bottom.

The hardware is palladium plated and displays the Balenciaga logo. It contains bill holders and eight credit card holders. This woman’s most expensive wallet by Balenciaga costs $645 USD.

Another most expensive wallet for men is by Renna USA. This wallet is for only the most sophisticated of men and is truly meant for deep pockets only – it measures 4.5” x 8.5”, which is too big for most men’s back pockets. The most expensive men’s wallet may not seem as pretty at first glance or have as many frills, but there’s definitely enough in here to keep any man organized. It contains eleven credit card slots, three compartments for larger items, and even a pen holder. It comes in a price just a bit more costly than the woman’s most expensive wallet, at $675.